Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Crankcase - crankshaft

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 Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Inspecting the springs and half-cones

Check that the upper and lower supporting spring washers, the cotters and the oil seal show exhibit no signs of abnormal wear. Replace a component when worn. Measure the unloaded spring length.

 Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Splitting the crankcase halves

Before opening the crankcase, it is advisable to check the axial clearance of the crankshaft. To do this, use a plate and a support with appropriate tool dial gauge. Upper clearances are an indication of wear on the surfaces of the crankshaft casing support. Remove the 10 crankshaft coupling screws. Separate the crankcase while keeping the crankshaft in one of the two halves of the crankcase. Remove the crankshaft. Remove the half crankcase coupling gasket. Remove the two screws and the internal cover shown in the diagram. Remove the oil guard on the flywheel side. Remove the oil filter fitting shown in the diagram. Check the axial clearance on the connecting rod. Check the radial clearance on the connecting rod. Check the surfaces that limit the axial free-play are not scored and measure the width of the crankshaft between these surfaces, as shown in the diagram. If the axial clearance between crankshaft and crankcase is exceeding and the crankshaft does not have any defect, the problem must be due to either excessive wear or wrong machining on the crankcase. Check the diameters of both the bearings of the crankshaft in accordance with the axes and surfaces shown in the figure. The half-shafts are classified in two categories Cat. 1 and Cat. 2 as shown the chart below.

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