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Front Suspension

NOTE The cylinder ring should be installed onto the cylinder with its oil passage notches "A" facing downward.

Front Suspension

Apply thread lock to the cylinder bolt and tighten it to the specified torque using the special tools.

! CAUTION Use a new cylinder bolt gasket to prevent oil leakage.

NOTE Check the front fork for smoothness by stroking it after installing the cylinder.

Symbols: Thread lock cement 99000-32050 (Thread Lock Cement 1342 or equivalent)

Special tool
(A): 09940-34520 (T handle)
(B): 09940-34531 (Attachment A)

Tightening torque
Cylinder bolt: 30 N*m (3.0 kgf-m, 21.5 lb-ft)

Front Suspension

Front fork oil

Symbols: Fork Oil 99000-99044-10G (FORK OIL or equivalent)

Front fork oil capacity (each leg)
301 ml (10.17/10.60 US/Imp oz)

Front Suspension

NOTE Take extreme attention to pump out air completely.

Front Suspension

Hold the front fork vertically and adjust the fork oil level using the special tool.

NOTE When adjusting the fork oil level, remove the fork spring and compress the inner tube fully.

Special tool (A): 09943-74111 (Fork oil level gauge)

Fork oil level "a"
87 mm (3.43 in)

Front Suspension

Front fork spring

Front Suspension

Front Fork Inspection

Refer to "Front Fork Inspection".

Front Fork Parts Inspection

Refer to "Front Fork Disassembly and Assembly".

Inspect the following parts.

Inner / Outer Tubes

Inspect the inner tube sliding surface and outer tube sliding surface for scuffing. If any defects are found, replace them with the new ones.

Front Suspension

Fork Spring

Measure the fork spring free length. If it is shorter than the service limit, replace it with a new one.

Front fork spring free length "a"
347.6 mm (13.39 in)

Front Suspension

Cylinder / Cylinder Ring

Inspect the cylinder (1) and cylinder ring (2) for wear or damage. If any defects are found, replace the cylinder or cylinder ring with a new one.

Front Suspension


Service Data


Unit: mm (in)

Front Suspension

Tightening Torque Specifications

Front Suspension

NOTE The specified tightening torque is also described in the following.

Reference: For the tightening torque of fastener not specified in this section, refer to "Tightening Torque Specifications".

Special Tools and Equipment

Recommended Service Material

Front Suspension

NOTE Required service material is also described in the following.

Special Tool

Front Suspension09940-30230 Socket hexagon (17 mm)

Front Suspension09940-34531 Attachment A

Front Suspension09943-74111 Fork oil level gauge

Front Suspension09940-34520 T handle

Front Suspension09940-52861 Front fork oil seal installer

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