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Automatic Transmission Symptom Diagnosis

Automatic Transmission

Repair Instructions

Outer Clutch Cover Cushion Construction

Automatic Transmission

  1. Cushion
    : Stick top of cushion 0 - 5 mm (0 - 0.2 in) inside of the clutch outer cover.
    1. 5 - 10 mm (0.2 - 0.4 in)

Clutch In / Stall Speed Inspection

Refer to "Automatic Clutch Inspection".

V-belt Type Continuously Variable Automatic Transmission Removal and Installation


Clutch cover

1) Remove the side leg shield. Refer to "Side Leg Shield Removal and Installation".

2) Remove the belt cooling duct (1) and outer clutch cover (2).

Automatic Transmission

3) Unfasten the clamp and remove the inner clutch cover (3).

Automatic Transmission

Movable drive face

1) Hold the fixed drive face using the special tools and remove the fixed drive face nut and washer.


Special tool
(A): 09920-53740 (Clutch sleeve hub holder)
(B): 09920-31020 (Extension handle)

2) Remove the fixed drive face (1).

Automatic Transmission

3) Remove the V-belt (2) and remove the movable drive face assembly (3) together with the spacer (4).

Automatic Transmission

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1) Hold the clutch housing using the special tool and remove the clutch housing nut (1) and remove the clutch housing (2). Special tool (A): 09930-40113 (Rotor holder)

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