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Inspect the fuel level gauge in the following procedures:

1) Remove the fuel pump assembly. Refer to "Fuel Pump Disassembly and Assembly".

2) Check for resistance between the terminals for each of the following float position.

If the resistance measured is out of specification, replace the fuel gauge with a new one.

Special tool : 09900-25008 (Multi-circuit tester set)

Fuel System

Fuel System

3) Inspect the fuel meter. Refer to "Fuel Level Meter Inspection".

Fuel Pump Inspection

Turn the ignition switch ON and check for operation of the fuel pump for a few seconds. If the fuel pump is not operating properly, replace the fuel pump or check the fuel pump relay and fuel cut sensor.

Fuel Discharge Inspection


1) Remove the front frame cover. Refer to "Front Frame Cover Removal and Installation".

2) Disconnect the fuel feed hose from the injector.

3) Insert the end of fuel feed hose into a measuring cylinder.

Fuel System

4) Remove the meter panel. Refer to "Meter Panel Removal and Installation".

5) Disconnect the ECM lead wire coupler.

Fuel System

6) With 12 V voltage applied to the power source lead wire (Y/R), measure the volume of gasoline discharged within 10 seconds.

7) If the discharge amount is out of the specification, the probable cause may be failure of the fuel pump or clogged fuel filter.

Fuel discharge amount
At least approx. 35 ml/10 seconds

NOTE The battery should be in fully charged condition.

8) After finishing the fuel discharge inspection, reinstall the fuel feed hose, meter panel and front frame cover. Refer to "Front Frame Cover Removal and Installation".

Fuel Injector Inspection

Refer to "DTC "C32" (P0201): Fuel Injector Circuit Malfunction".

Fuel Injector Removal and Installation

Refer to "Throttle Body Disassembly and Assembly".


Service Data

Injector + Fuel Pump + Fuel Pressure Regulator

Fuel System


Fuel System

Tightening Torque Specifications

Fuel System

NOTE The specified tightening torque is also described in the following.

Reference: For the tightening torque of fastener not specified in this section, refer to "Tightening Torque Specifications ".

Special Tools and Equipment

Special Tool

Fuel System09900-25008 Multi-circuit tester set

Fuel System09915-74521 Oil pressure gauge hose

Fuel System09915-77331 Meter (for high pressure)

Fuel System09917-47011 Vacuum pump gauge

Fuel System09940-40211 Fuel pressure gauge adapter

Fuel System09940-40230 Fuel pressure gauge hose attachment

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Disassembly 1) Remove the fuel pump assembly. Refer to "Fuel Pump Assembly Removal and Installation".

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