Suzuki Burgman 400 - Service manual > Generator Removal and Installation


1) Drain engine oil.

2) Remove the side leg shield. Refer to "Side Leg Shield Removal and Installation".

3) Remove the generator cover. Refer to "CKP Sensor Removal and Installation".

4) Remove the generator stator (1), CKP sensor (2) and lead wire guide (3).

Charging System

5) Remove the snap ring (4).

Charging System

6) Remove the bearing (5) using the special tool.

Special tool (A): 09921-20240 (Bearing remover set)

Charging System

7) Remove the oil seal (6).

Charging System


Install the generator in the reverse order of removal. Pay attention to the following points:

Special tool (A): 09913-75821 (Bearing installer)


Charging System

Special tool (B): 09913-70210 (Bearing installer set)

! CAUTION Replace the bearing with a new one.

Charging System

! CAUTION Engage the convex part "A" on the starter into the notch "B" on the generator cover.

Charging System

Tightening torque
Generator stator bolt (a): 11 N*m (1.1 kgf-m, 8.0 lb-ft)

Tightening torque
CKP sensor bolt (b): 6 N*m (0.6 kgf-m, 4.5 lb-ft)

Charging System

! CAUTION Replace the gasket with a new one.

Battery Components

Charging System

  1. Upper cover breather
  2. Cathode plates
  3. Stopper
  4. Filter
  5. Terminal
  6. Safety valve
  7. Anode plates
  8. Separator (Fiberglass)

Battery Initial Charging

Filling Electrolyte

1) Remove the aluminum tape (1) which seals the battery filler holes (2).

Charging System

2) Remove the caps (3) from the electrolyte container.


Charging System

3) Insert the nozzles of the electrolyte container (5) into the electrolyte filler holes of the battery.

4) Hold the electrolyte container firmly so that it does not fall.

5) Do not allow any of the electrolyte to spill.

Charging System

6) Make sure the air bubbles (6) rise to the top of each electrolyte container and leave the electrolyte container in this position for more than 20 minutes.

Charging System

NOTE If air bubbles do not rise from any one of the filler ports, tap the bottom of the electrolyte container two or three times.

Never remove the electrolyte container from the battery while there is still electrolyte in the container.

Charging System

7) After the electrolyte container is completely empty, remove it from the battery and wait about 20 minutes.

8) Insert the caps (3) firmly into the filler holes, so that the top of the caps do not protrude above the upper surface of the top cover of the battery.


Charging System


Charging System


Charging System

Initial Changing

1) Measure the battery voltage using multi circuit tester.

2) The tester should indicate more than 12.5 - 12.6 V (DC) as shown in the figure.

3) If the battery voltage is lower than the specification, charge the battery with a battery charger. Refer to "Battery Recharging ".

Charging System

! CAUTION Do not remove the caps on the battery top while charging.

NOTE Initial charging for a new battery is recommended if two years have elapsed since the date of manufacture.

Battery Visual Inspection

Inspect the battery visual in the following procedures:

1) Visually inspect the surface of the battery container.

2) If any signs of cracking or electrolyte leakage from the sides of the battery have occurred, replace the battery with a new one.

3) If the battery terminals are found to be coated with rust or an acidic white powdery substance, clean the battery terminals with sandpaper.

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Inspect the generator coil resistance in the following procedures: 1) Disconnect the generator coupler (1).

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! CAUTION When recharging the battery, remove the battery from the motorcycle. NOTE While recharging, do not remove the caps on the top of the battery.

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