Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Installing the valves

The following procedure applies to all of the valves and related components.

1. Deburr:

Installing the valves

2. Lubricate:

Recommended lubricant Molybdenum disulfide oil

Installing the valves

3. Install:


Installing the valves

Installing the valves

b. Smaller pitch

4. Install:


Install the valve cotters by compressing the valve spring with the valve spring compressor and the valve spring compressor attachment "2".

Valve spring compressor 90890-04019 YM-04019

Valve spring compressor attachment 90890-04108

Valve spring compressor adapter 22 mm YM-04108

Installing the valves

5. To secure the valve cotters onto the valve stem, lightly tap the valve tip with a soft-face hammer.


Hitting the valve tip with excessive force could damage the valve.

Installing the valves

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