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Be sure to stop the vehicle before making any setting changes to the multi-function display. Changing settings while riding can distract the operator and increase the risk of an accident.

Multi-function display

  1. Clock/ambient temperature display
  2. Coolant temperature meter
  3. Fuel meter
  4. Odometer/fuel reserve tripmeter
  5. "SELECT" button
  6. "RESET" button

Multi-function display

  1. V-belt replacement indicator "V-BELT"
  2. Fuel level warning indicator " "
  3. Coolant temperature warning indicator " "
  4. Oil change indicator "OIL"

The multi-function display is equipped with the following:


Odometer and tripmeter modes

Pushing the "SELECT" button switches the display between the odometer mode "Odo" and the tripmeter modes "Trip" in the following order: Odo/Trip (top) → Trip (bottom)/Trip (top) → Odo/Trip (top)

Odometer and tripmeter modes

When approximately 1.7 L (0.45 US gal, 0.37 Imp.gal) of fuel remains in the fuel tank, the bottom segment of the fuel meter and fuel level warning indicator will start flashing, and the display will automatically change to the fuel reserve tripmeter mode "Trip F" and start counting the distance traveled from that point. In that case, pushing the "SELECT" button switches the display between the various tripmeter and odometer modes in the following order: Trip F/Trip (top) → Trip (bottom)/Trip (top) → Odo/Trip (top) → Trip F/Trip (top)

Odometer and tripmeter modes

  1. Fuel reserve tripmeter

Odometer and tripmeter modes

To reset a tripmeter, select it by pushing the "SELECT" button until "Trip" or "Trip F" begins flashing ("Trip" or "Trip F" will only flash for five seconds). While "Trip" or "Trip F" is flashing, push the "RESET" button for at least one second.

If you do not reset the fuel reserve tripmeter manually, it will reset itself automatically and the display will return to the prior mode after refueling and traveling 5 km (3 mi).


The display cannot be changed back to "Trip F" after pushing the "RESET" button.

Fuel meter

With the key in the "ON" position, the fuel meter indicates the amount of fuel in the fuel tank. The display segments of the fuel meter disappear towards "E" (Empty) as the fuel level decreases.

When the fuel level reaches the bottom segment near "E", the fuel level warning indicator and the bottom segment will flash. Refuel as soon as possible.

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With the key in the "ON" position, the coolant temperature meter indicates the temperature of the coolant. The coolant temperature varies with changes in the weather and engine load. If the top segment and coolant temperature warning indicator flash, stop the vehicle and let the engine cool.

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