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Read the Owner's Manual carefully to become familiar with all controls. If there is a control or function you do not understand, ask your Yamaha dealer.


Failure to familiarize yourself with the controls can lead to loss of control, which could cause an accident or injury.


This model is equipped with a lean angle sensor to stop the engine in case of a turnover. In this case, the multi-function display indicates error code 30, but this is not a malfunction. Turn the key to "OFF" and then to "ON" to clear the error code. Failing to do so will prevent the engine from starting even though the engine will crank when pushing the start switch.

In order for the ignition circuit cut-off system to enable starting, the sidestand must be up.

1. Turn the key to "ON".

The following warning light, indicator light and indicators should come on for a few seconds, then go off.

2. Close the throttle completely.

3. Start the engine by pushing the start switch while applying the front or rear brake.

For your safety - pre-operation checks

  1. Rear brake lever
  2. Front brake lever
  3. Start switch

If the engine does not start, release the start switch, wait a few seconds, and then try again. Each starting attempt should be as short as possible to preserve the battery. Do not crank the engine more than 10 seconds on any one attempt.


For maximum engine life, never accelerate hard when the engine is cold!

Starting off

1. While pulling the rear brake lever with your left hand and holding the grab bar with your right hand, push the scooter off the centerstand.

Starting off

  1. Grab bar

2. Sit astride the seat, and then adjust the rear view mirrors.

3. Switch the turn signals on.

4. Check for oncoming traffic, and then slowly turn the throttle grip (on the right) in order to take off.

5. Switch the turn signals off.

Acceleration and deceleration

Acceleration and deceleration

The speed can be adjusted by opening and closing the throttle. To increase the speed, turn the throttle grip in direction (a). To reduce the speed, turn the throttle grip in direction (b).



1. Close the throttle completely.

2. Apply both front and rear brakes simultaneously while gradually increasing the pressure.





Tips for reducing fuel consumption

Fuel consumption depends largely on your riding style. Consider the following tips to reduce fuel consumption:

Engine break-in

There is never a more important period in the life of your engine than the period between 0 and 1600 km (1000 mi). For this reason, you should read the following material carefully.

Since the engine is brand new, do not put an excessive load on it for the first 1600 km (1000 mi). The various parts in the engine wear and polish themselves to the correct operating clearances.

During this period, prolonged full-throttle operation or any condition that might result in engine overheating must be avoided.

0-1000 km (0-600 mi)

Avoid prolonged operation above 4000 r/min. NOTICE: After 1000 km (600 mi) of operation, be sure to replace the engine oil, final transmission oil and the oil filter element.

1000-1600 km (600-1000 mi)

Avoid prolonged operation above 6000 r/min.

1600 km (1000 mi) and beyond

The vehicle can now be operated normally.



When parking, stop the engine, and then remove the key from the main switch.


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