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Warning / Caution / Note

Please read this manual and follow its instructions carefully. To emphasize special information, the symbol and the words WARNING, CAUTION and NOTE have special meanings. Pay special attention to the messages highlighted by these signal words.

! WARNING Indicates a potential hazard that could result in death or injury.

! CAUTION Indicates a potential hazard that could result in motorcycle damage.

NOTE Indicates special information to make maintenance easier or instructions clearer.

Please note, however, that the warnings and cautions contained in this manual cannot possibly cover all potential hazards relating to the servicing, or lack of servicing, of the motorcycle. In addition to the WARNINGS and CAUTIONS stated, you must use good judgement and basic mechanical safety principles. If you are unsure about how to perform a particular service operation, ask a more experienced mechanic for advice.

General Precautions



Precautions for Electrical Circuit Service

When handling the component parts or servicing the FI system, observe the following points for the safety of the system.

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The Suzuki Burgman 400 maxi scooter is an A2-licence friendly middleweight twist-and-go. Its 2017 update brings this large scooter up to date, with the firm improving performance, reducing the overall weight by 7kg, and giving it a slimmer, sportier look.

 Suzuki Burgman 400 - Service manual > Electrical Parts

Connector / Coupler When connecting a connector, be sure to push it in until a click is felt. With a lock type coupler, be sure to release the lock when disconnecting, and push in fully to engage the lock when connecting. When disconnecting the coupler, be sure to hold the coupler body and do not pull the lead wires. Inspect each terminal on the connector/coupler for looseness or bending. Inspect each terminal for corrosion and contamination. The terminals must be clean and free of any foreign material which could impede proper terminal contact. Inspect each lead wire circuit for poor connection by shaking it by hand lightly. If any abnormal condition is found, repair or replace. When taking measurements at electrical connectors using a tester probe, be sure to insert the probe from the wire harness side (backside) of the connector/ coupler. Coupler Probe When connecting meter probe from the terminal side of the coupler (where connection from harness side not being possible), use extra care not to force and cause the male terminal to bend or the female terminal to open. Connect the probe as shown to avoid opening of female terminal. Never push in the probe where male terminal is supposed to fit. Check the male connector for bend and female connector for excessive opening. Also check the coupler for locking (looseness), corrosion, dust, etc. Coupler Probe

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