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Charging System Diagram

Charging System

Component Location

Charging System Components Location

Refer to "Electrical Components Location ".

Diagnostic Information and Procedures

Charging System Symptom Diagnosis

Charging System

Battery Runs Down Quickly


Charging System

Battery overcharges

Repair Instructions

Battery Current Leakage Inspection

Inspect the battery current leakage in the following procedures:

1) Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.

2) Remove the battery cover (1).

3) Disconnect the (-) battery lead wire.

Charging System

4) Measure the current between (-) battery terminal and the (-) battery lead wire using the multi-circuit tester. If the reading exceeds the specified value, leakage is evident.

Special tool : 09900-25008 (Multi-circuit tester set)

Battery current (leak)
Under 3 mA

Tester knob indication
Current (
, 20 mA)


Charging System

5) Reinstall the removed parts.

Regulated Voltage Inspection

Inspect the regulated voltage in the following procedures:

1) Remove the battery cover (1).

2) Start the engine and keep it running at 5 000 r/min with the dimmer switch turned HI position.

3) Measure the DC voltage between the (+) and (-) battery terminals using the multi-circuit tester. If the voltage is not within the specified value, inspect the generator and regulator/rectifier.

NOTE When making this test, be sure that the battery is in fully charged condition.

Special tool : 09900-25008 (Multi-circuit tester set)

Tester knob indication
Voltage (

Regulated voltage
14.0 - 15.5 V at 5 000 r/min

Charging System

4) Reinstall the removed parts.

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