Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Thermostat (YP125R)

Removing the thermostat
Removing the thermostat

Checking the thermostat

1. Check:

Does not open at 70.5-73.5 ºC (158.9-164.3 ºF) → Replace.

a. Suspend the thermostat "1" in a container "2" filled with water.

b. Slowly heat the water "3".

c. Place a thermometer "4" in the water.

d. While stirring the water, observe the thermostat and thermometer's indicated temperature.

Checking the thermostat

A. Fully closed

B. Fully open


If the accuracy of the thermostat is in doubt, replace it. A faulty thermostat could cause serious overheating or overcooling.

2. Check:

Cracks/damage → Replace.

Installing the thermostat

1. Install:


Install the thermostat with its breather hole "a" in the position shown in the illustration.

Installing the thermostat

2. Fill:

(with the specified amount of the recommended coolant)

3. Check:

Leaks → Repair or replace any faulty part.

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