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Valve Clearance Inspection and Adjustment

Inspect valve clearance
Every 24 000 km (14 500 miles, 48 months)


The valve clearance specification is different for intake and exhaust valves. Valve clearance must be checked and adjusted, a) at the time of periodic inspection, b) when the valve mechanism is serviced, and c) when the camshafts are removed for servicing.

1) Remove the air cleaner box. Refer to "Air Cleaner Box Removal and Installation".

2) Dismount the throttle body.

3) Remove the spark plug. Refer to "Spark Plug Removal and Installation".

4) Remove the cylinder head cover (1).

Maintenance and Lubrication

5) Remove the cooling fan duct. Refer to "Cooling Fan Filter Inspection".

6) Remove the valve timing inspection plug (2) and bring the piston to TDC on the compression stroke by turning the crankshaft until the line "A" on the generator rotor aligns with the slit "B" in the generator cover.

Maintenance and Lubrication

Valve clearance (when cold)

Maintenance and Lubrication


7) In this condition, read the valve clearance at each valve. If the clearance is out of specification, adjust the clearance.

Special tool (A): 09900-20803 (Thickness gauge)

Maintenance and Lubrication

8) Reinstall the removed parts in the reverse order of removal.


The clearance is adjusted by replacing the existing tappet shim by a thicker or thinner one.

1) Remove the intake or exhaust camshaft. Refer to "Engine Top Side Disassembly".

2) Remove the tappet (1) and shim (2) by fingers or magnetic hand.

Maintenance and Lubrication

3) Check the figures printed on the shim. These figures indicate the thickness of the shim, as illustrated.

Maintenance and Lubrication

4) Select a replacement shim that will provide a clearance within the specified range. For the purpose of this adjustment, a total of 25 sizes of tappet shim are available ranging from 1.20 to 2.20 mm in steps of 0.05 mm.

5) Fit the selected shim to the valve stem end, with numbers toward tappet. Be sure to check shim size with micrometer to ensure its size.

6) Install the camshafts. Refer to "Engine Top Side Assembly".


Maintenance and Lubrication


Maintenance and Lubrication


7) Rotate the engine so that the tappet is depressed fully. This will squeeze out oil trapped between the shim and the tappet that could cause an incorrect measurement, then check the clearance again to confirm that it is within the specified range.

Maintenance and Lubrication

8) Install the cylinder head cover. Refer to "Engine Top Side Assembly".

9) Install the spark plug and plug cap. Refer to "Spark Plug Removal and Installation.

10) Install other removed parts.

Fuel Line Inspection

Inspect fuel line
Every 6 000 km (4 000 miles, 12 months)

Inspect the fuel line in the following procedures:

1) Remove the helmet box front cover. Refer to "Helmet Box Removal and Installation".

2) Remove the front frame cover. Refer to "Front Frame Cover Removal and Installation".

3) Inspect the fuel line (1) for damage and fuel leakage.

If any defects are found, the fuel line must be replaced.

Maintenance and Lubrication

4) Reinstall the removed parts.

Evaporative Emission Control System (E-33 Only)

Inspect evaporative emission control system
Every 12 000 km (7 500 miles, 24 months)

Inspect the evaporative emission control system periodically (E-33 only).

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