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This section describes general safety rules for any maintenance operations performed on the vehicle. Safety rules If work can only be done on the vehicle with the engine running, make sure that the premises are well ventilated, using special extractors if necessary; never let the engine run in an enclosed area. Exhaust fumes are toxic. The battery electrolyte contains sulphuric acid. Protect your eyes, clothes and skin. Sulphuric acid is highly corrosive; in the event of contact with your eyes or skin, rinse thoroughly with abundant water and seek immediate medical attention. The battery produces hydrogen, a gas that can be highly explosive. Do not smoke and avoid sparks or flames near the battery, especially when charging it. Fuel is highly flammable and it can be explosive given some conditions. Do not smoke in the working area, and avoid naked flames or sparks. Clean the brake pads in a well-ventilated area, directing the jet of compressed air in such a way that you do not breathe in the dust produced by the wear of the friction material. Even though the latter contains no asbestos, inhaling dust is harmful.

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