PIAGGIO Beverly 300ie - Owner's Manual > Dashboard


A = Ignition key-switch
B = Bag hook
C = Saddle opening button
D = Horn button
E = Turn indicator switch
F = Rear brake lever
G = Light switch with passing
H = Instrument panel
I = Emergency stop switch RUN-OFF
L = Front brake lever
A = Starter button
N = MODE button

Analogue instrument panel


A= High beam warning light
B = Turn indicator warning lights
C = Fuel gauge
D = Low fuel warning light
E = Speedometer
F = Immobiliser LED
G = Coolant temperature gauge
H = Engine control telltale light
I = Engine oil pressure warning light
L = Digital display

Digital lcd display


A = Clock - date
B = "SERVICE" icon
C = Kilometre-mile indicator
D = State of battery charge icon
E = Odometer indicator, partial odometer I and II, state of battery charge and cyclically selectable ambient temperature with the "MODE" button
F = Ambient temperature indicator in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
G = Indicator "ODO", "ODO I" or "ODO II"
H = Low ambient temperature icon

*MODE* button


Pushing the MODE button "A" for less than a second displays the following sequence of functions:

To reset the trip odometer, move "ODO I" or "ODO II" and press for more than three seconds the button MODE "A".

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Ignition key "A" is located on the front leg shield back plate near the bag hook. SWITCH POSITIONS

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