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Four stroke engine oil is used in the engines in order to lubricate the timing bodies, the bench bearings and the head-engine block-piston assembly. An insufficient quantity of oil can seriously damage the engine. In all four-stroke engines, a loss of efficiency in oil performance and certain consumption should be considered normal.

Consumption can particularly reflect the conditions of use (i.e: when driving at 'full acceleration' all the time, oil consumption increases). The replacement intervals provided for by the maintenance programme are defined depending on the total content of oil in the engine and the average consumption measured following standardised methods. In order to prevent any problems, we recommend checking oil level more frequently than indicated in the Scheduled Maintenance table or before setting off on long journeys. The vehicle is, however, equipped with an oil pressure warning light on the instrument cluster.

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Every time the vehicle is used, visually inspect the level of the engine oil when the engine is cold (after completely unscrewing the oil cap/dipstick). The oil level should be somewhere between the MAX and MIN index marks on the level rod; "A"; while the oil is being checked, the vehicle must be resting on its centre stand on an even, horizontal surface.

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