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Precautions for Emission Control Devices

Refer to "General Precautions.

General Description

AN400 motorcycles are equipped with a fuel injection system for emission level control. This fuel injection system is precision designed, manufactured and adjusted to comply with the applicable emission limits. With a view to reducing CO, NOx and HC, all of the fuel injection volumes are stringently controlled with the programmed injection maps in the ECM by varying engine conditions. Adjusting, interfering with, improper replacement, or resetting of any of the fuel injection components may adversely affect injection performance and cause the motorcycle to exceed the exhaust emission level limits. If unable to effect repairs, contact the distributor's representative for further technical information and assistance.

Emission Control Devices

  1. Fuel injector
  2. Throttle body
  3. Fuel feed hose
  4. Fuel filter (For high pressure)
  5. Fuel pump
  6. Fuel mesh filter (For low pressure)
  7. Fuel pressure regulator
  1. Pressurized fuel
  2. Before-pressurized fuel
  3. Relived fuel

Crankcase Emission Control System Description

The engine is equipped with a PCV system. Blow-by gas in the engine is constantly drawn into the crankcase, which is returned to the combustion chamber through the PCV (breather) hose, air cleaner and throttle body.

Emission Control Devices

  1. Fresh air
  2. Fuel/Air mixture
  3. Exhaust gas
  4. Blow-by gas

Exhaust Emission Control System Description

The exhaust emission control system is composed of the three-way catalyst system.

Emission Control Devices

  1. Fuel injector
  2. HO2 sensor
  3. Three-way catalyst
  1. Fresh air
  2. Fuel/Air mixture
  3. Exhaust gas

Noise Emission Control System Description

TAMPERING WITH THE NOISE CONTROL SYSTEM PROHIBITED: Local law or federal law prohibits the following acts or the causing thereof:

Among Those Acts Presumed to Constitute Tampering Are the Acts Listed Below:

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