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Matte color caution


Some models are equipped with matte colored finished parts. Be sure to consult a Yamaha dealer for advice on what products to use before cleaning the vehicle. Using a brush, harsh chemical products or cleaning compounds when cleaning these parts will scratch or damage their surface. Wax also should not be applied to any matte colored finished parts.


While the open design of a scooter reveals the attractiveness of the technology, it also makes it more vulnerable.

Rust and corrosion can develop even if high-quality components are used. A rusty exhaust pipe may go unnoticed on a car, however, it detracts from the overall appearance of a scooter. Frequent and proper care does not only comply with the terms of the warranty, but it will also keep your scooter looking good, extend its life and optimize its performance.

Before cleaning

1. Cover the muffler outlet with a plastic bag after the engine has cooled down.

2. Make sure that all caps and covers as well as all electrical couplers and connectors, including the spark plug cap, are tightly installed.

3. Remove extremely stubborn dirt, like oil burnt onto the crankcase, with a degreasing agent and a brush, but never apply such products onto seals, gaskets and wheel axles. Always rinse the dirt and degreaser off with water.



After normal use

Remove dirt with warm water, a mild detergent, and a soft, clean sponge, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. Use a toothbrush or bottlebrush for hard-to-reach areas. Stubborn dirt and insects will come off more easily if the area is covered with a wet cloth for a few minutes before cleaning.

After riding in the rain, near the sea or on salt-sprayed roads

Since sea salt or salt sprayed on the roads during winter are extremely corrosive in combination with water, carry out the following steps after each ride in the rain, near the sea or on saltsprayed roads.


Salt sprayed on roads in the winter may remain well into spring.

1. Clean the scooter with cold water and a mild detergent after the engine has cooled down. NOTICE: Do not use warm water since it increases the corrosive action of the salt.

2. Apply a corrosion protection spray on all metal, including chromeand nickel-plated, surfaces to prevent corrosion.

Cleaning the windshield

Avoid using any alkaline or strong acid cleaner, gasoline, brake fluid, or any other solvent. Clean the windshield with a cloth or sponge dampened with a mild detergent, and then wash it off thoroughly with water. For additional cleaning, use Yamaha Windshield Cleaner or another high-quality windshield cleaner. Some cleaning compounds for plastics may leave scratches on the windshield. Before using such cleaners, test an area of the windshield which does not affect your visibility and which cannot be easily recognized.

After cleaning

1. Dry the scooter with a chamois or an absorbing cloth.

2. Use a chrome polish to shine chrome, aluminum and stainlesssteel parts, including the exhaust system. (Even the thermally induced discoloring of stainlesssteel exhaust systems can be removed through polishing.)

3. To prevent corrosion, it is recommended to apply a corrosion protection spray on all metal, including chrome- and nickel-plated, surfaces.

4. Use spray oil as a universal cleaner to remove any remaining dirt.

5. Touch up minor paint damage caused by stones, etc.

6. Wax all painted surfaces.

7. Let the scooter dry completely before storing or covering it.


Contaminants on the brakes or tires can cause loss of control.



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Short-term Always store your scooter in a cool, dry place and, if necessary, protect it against dust with a porous cover. Be sure the engine and the exhaust system are cool before covering the scooter.

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