Suzuki Burgman 400 - Service manual > Steering Related Parts Inspection

Refer to "Steering Removal and Installation".

Inspect the removed parts for the following abnormalities.

If any abnormal points are found, replace defective parts with the new ones.

Steering / Handlebar

Steering System Inspection

Refer to "Steering System Inspection".

Steering Stem Bearing Removal and Installation

Refer to "Steering Components".


1) Remove the steering stem. Refer to "Steering Removal and Installation ".

2) Remove the dust seal (1) and steering stem upper bearing (2).

Steering / Handlebar

3) Remove the steering stem lower bearing and inner race using a chisel.

Steering / Handlebar

4) Remove the steering stem upper and lower bearing races using the special tools.

Special tool
(A): 09941-54911 (Bearing outer race remover)
(B): 09941-74911 (Steering bearing installer)

Steering / Handlebar


! CAUTION The removed bearings and races should be replaced with the new ones.

Outer race

Special tool (A): 09941-34513 (Steering race installer)

Steering / Handlebar

Inner race

Special tool (A): 09941-74911 (Steering bearing installer)

Steering / Handlebar


Symbols: Grease 99000-25010 (SUZUKI SUPER GREASE A or equivalent)

Steering / Handlebar

Steering Tension Adjustment

Check the steering movement in the following procedures:

1) By supporting the motorcycle with a jack, lift the front wheel unit is off the floor 20 - 30 mm (0.8 - 1.2 in).

2) Check to make sure that the cables and wire harnesses are properly routed.

3) With the front wheel in the straight ahead state, hitch the spring scale (special tool) on one handlebar grip end as shown in the figure and read the graduation when the handlebar starts moving.

Initial force
200 - 500 g

Special tool (A): 09940-92720 (Spring scale)

Steering / Handlebar

4) Do the same on the other grip end.

5) If the initial force read on the scale when the handlebar starts turning is either to heavy or too light, adjust it till it satisfies the specification.

  1. First, loosen the front fork clamp bolts, lock-nut and steering stem nut, and then adjust the steering stem nut by loosening or tightening it.
  2. Tighten the steering stem nut, lock-nut and front fork clamp bolts to the specified torque and recheck the initial force with the spring scale according to the previously described procedures.
  3. If the initial force is found within the specified range, adjustment has been completed.

NOTE Hold the front fork legs, move them back and forth and make sure that the steering is not loose.

Steering / Handlebar


Tightening Torque Specifications

Steering / Handlebar

NOTE The specified tightening torque is also described in the following.

Reference: For the tightening torque of fastener not specified in this section, refer to "Tightening Torque Specifications".

Special Tools and Equipment

Recommended Service Material

Steering / Handlebar

NOTE Required service material is also described in the following.

Special Tool

Steering / Handlebar09940-11420 Steering stem nut socket

Steering / Handlebar09940-11430 Steering stem nut socket

Steering / Handlebar09940-14911 Steering stem nut wrench

Steering / Handlebar09940-92720 Spring scale

Steering / Handlebar09941-34513 Steering race installer

Steering / Handlebar09941-54911 Bearing outer race remover

Steering / Handlebar09941-74911 Steering bearing installer

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Refer to "Handlebars Removal and Installation". Inspect the handlebars for distortion and damage. If any defect are found, replace the handlebars with a new one.

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