Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Baffle roller

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 Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Automatic transmission

Transmission cover To remove the transmission cover it is necessary to remove the plastic cover first, by inserting a screwdriver in the slotted holes. Using the clutch housing lock wrench shown in the figure, remove the driven pulley shaft locking nut and washer.

 Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Plastic roller

Check that the roller does not show signs of wear and that it turns freely. Remove the special clamping screws as indicated in the photograph Check the outer diameter of the roller does not have defects that could jeopardise belt functioning For refitting, place the roller with the belt containment edge on the engine crankcase side Tighten the wrench to the prescribed torque.

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