Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Checking the front fork

1. Stand the vehicle on a level surface.


Securely support the vehicle so that there is no danger of it falling over.

2. Check:

Damage/scratches → Replace.

Oil leaks between inner tube and outer tube → Replace the oil seal.

3. Hold the vehicle upright and apply the front brake.

4. Check:

Push down hard on the handlebar several times and check if the front fork rebounds smoothly.

Rough movement → Repair.

Checking the front fork

Adjusting the rear shock absorber assemblies

The following procedure applies to both of the rear shock absorber assemblies.


Spring preload


Never go beyond the maximum or minimum adjustment positions.

1. Adjust:

a. Turn the adjusting ring "1" in direction "a" or "b".

Align the desired position on the adjusting ring with the stopper "2".

Direction "a" Spring preload is increased (suspension is harder).

Direction "b" Spring preload is decreased (suspension is softer).

Spring preload adjusting positions Minimum 1

Standard 2

Maximum 4

Spring preload

Checking the tires

The following procedure applies to both of the tires.

1. Check:

Out of specification → Regulate.

Checking the tires



Tire air pressure (measured on cold tires)

Loading condition 0-90 kg (0-198 lb)

Front 190 kPa (1.90 kgf/cm², 28 psi)

Rear 220 kPa (2.20 kgf/cm², 32 psi)

Loading condition 90 kg-maximum load

Front 210 kPa (2.10 kgf/cm², 30 psi)

Rear 250 kPa (2.50 kgf/cm², 36 psi)

Maximum load 186 kg (410 lb)

* Total weight of rider, passenger, cargo and accessories


It is dangerous to ride with a worn-out tire.

When the tire tread reaches the wear limit, replace the tire immediately.

2. Check:

Damage/wear → Replace the tire.

Wear limit (front) 1.6 mm (0.06 in)

Wear limit (rear) 1.6 mm (0.06 in)

Checking the tires

1. Tire tread depth

2. Side wall

3. Wear indicator


Checking the tires

A. Tire

B. Wheel

Checking the tires


After extensive tests, the tires listed below have been approved by Yamaha Motor España, S.A. for this model. The front and rear tires should always be by the same manufacturer and of the same design. No guarantee concerning handling characteristics can be given if a tire combination other than one approved by Yamaha is used on this vehicle.

Front tire

Size 120/70-15 M/C 56P (PIRELLI) 120/70-15 M/C 56S (MICHELIN)



Rear tire


140/70-14 M/C 68P (PIRELLI) 140/70-14 M/C 68S (MICHELIN)




New tires have a relatively low grip on the road surface until they have been slightly worn. Therefore, approximately 100 km should be traveled at normal speed before any high-speed riding is done.


For tires with a direction of rotation mark "1": Install the tire with the mark pointing in the direction of wheel rotation.

Checking the tires

Checking the wheels

The following procedure applies to both of the wheels.

1. Check:

Damage/out-of-round → Replace.


Never attempt to make any repairs to the wheel.


After a tire or wheel has been changed or replaced, always balance the wheel

Checking and lubricating the cables

The following procedure applies to all of the inner and outer cables.


A damaged outer cable may cause the cable to corrode and interfere with its movement.

Replace damaged outer cable and inner cables as soon as possible.

1. Check:

Damage → Replace

2. Check:

Rough movement → Lubricate.

Recommended lubricant

Engine oil or a suitable cable lubricant


Hold the cable end upright and pour a few drops of lubricant into the cable sheath or use a suitable lubricating device.

Lubricating the levers

Lubricate the pivoting points and metal-to-metal moving parts of the levers.

Recommended lubricant Silicone grease

Lubricating the sidestand

Lubricate the pivoting point and metal-to-metal moving parts of the sidestand.

Recommended lubricant Lithium-soap-based grease

Lubricating the centerstand

Lubricate the pivoting point and metal-to-metal moving parts of the centerstand.

Recommended lubricant Lithium-soap-based grease

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