Suzuki Burgman 400 - Service manual > Engine Bottom Side

Engine Bottom Side Disassembly

! CAUTION Identify the position of each removed part.

Organize the parts in their respective groups (e.g., intake, exhaust) so that they can be reinstalled in their original positions.

NOTE The crankcase must be separated to service the crankshaft, oil pump.

1) Remove the engine assembly. Refer to "Engine Assembly Removal and Installation".

2) Remove the cylinder head, cylinder and piston.

Refer to "Engine Top Side Disassembly".

PCV hose

Remove the PCV hose (1).

Engine Mechanical

Starter Motor

Remove the starter motor (1).

Engine Mechanical

Ignition Coil

Remove the ignition coil (1).

Engine Mechanical

Water Pump

Remove the water pump assembly (1).

Engine Mechanical

Generator Cover

1) Remove the generator cover (1).

Engine Mechanical

2) Remove the dowel pins and gasket (2).

Engine Mechanical

Outer Clutch Cover

Remove the outer clutch cover (1).

Engine Mechanical

Oil Filter

1) Remove the oil filter cap (1).

Engine Mechanical

2) Remove the oil filter (2) and O-ring (3).

Engine Mechanical

Transmission Breather Hose

Remove the transmission breather hose (1).

Engine Mechanical

Speed Sensor

Remove the speed sensor (1).

Engine Mechanical


1) Remove the inner clutch cover (1).

Engine Mechanical

2) Remove the dowel pins and gasket.

Engine Mechanical

3) With the crankshaft held immovable, remove the fixed drive face nut and concaved washer.

4) Remove the fixed drive face (2).

Engine Mechanical

5) With the clutch housing held immovable using the special tool, remove the clutch housing nut and concaved washer.

6) Remove the clutch housing (3).

Special tool (A): 09930-40113 (Rotor holder)

Engine Mechanical

7) Remove the drive V-belt (4) and clutch shoe/ movable driven face assembly (5).

Engine Mechanical

8) Remove the movable drive face assembly (6) with the spacer (7).

Engine Mechanical

9) Remove the final gear assembly. Refer to "Final Gear Assembly Removal and Installation".

Generator Rotor

1) With the generator rotor held immovable, loosen the generator rotor nut.

Engine Mechanical

2) Remove the generator rotor (1) using the special tool.

Special tool (A): 09930-31921 (Rotor remover)

Engine Mechanical

Starter Drive Gear

Remove the key (1) and starter driven gear (2).

Engine Mechanical

Cam Chain and Starter Idle Gear

1) Remove the cam chain (1), starter idle gear shaft (2), spacer (3) and starter idle gear (4).

Engine Mechanical

Cam Chain Tensioner

1) Remove the cam chain tensioner (1).

2) Remove the cam chain guide bolt (2).

Engine Mechanical

Balancer Driven Gear

1) Insert a proper steel rod "A" into the crankcase hole "B" and pass it through the crankshaft web holes in order to prevent the crankshaft from turning.

Engine Mechanical

2) Remove the balancer driven gear nut (1) and washer.

Engine Mechanical

3) Remove the balancer driven gear (2) along with the scissors gear behind.

Engine Mechanical

4) Remove the key (3).

Engine Mechanical

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The valve seats (1) for both the intake and exhaust valves are machined to three different angles. The seat contact surface is cut at 45ยบ.

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1) Remove the oil pump drive gear cover (1). 2) Remove the oil pump drive gear nut (2).

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