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Engine Components Removable with the Engine in Place

Engine components which can be removed while the engine is installed on the frame are as follows. For the installing and removing procedures, refer to respective paragraphs describing each component.

Center of Engine

Engine Mechanical

Engine Left Side

Engine Mechanical

Engine Mechanical

Engine Right Side

Engine Mechanical

Engine Assembly Removal and Installation


Remove the engine from the frame in the following procedures:

1) Drain engine oil. Refer to "Engine Oil and Filter Change".

2) Drain engine coolant. Refer to "Cooling System Inspection".

3) Drain final reduction gear oil. Refer to "Final Reduction Gear Oil Replacement ".

4) Remove the under cover. Refer to "Under Cover Removal and Installation".

5) Remove the left and right footboards. Refer to "Footboard Removal and Installation".

6) Remove the air cleaner box. Refer to "Air Cleaner Box Removal and Installation".

7) Remove the throttle body (1) from the intake pipe.

Engine Mechanical

8) Disconnect the radiator hoses (1) and (2).

Engine Mechanical

9) Disconnect the ignition coil lead wires (3).

10) Disconnect the ECT sensor coupler (4) and remove the wire harness (5) (for the ignition coil, ECT sensor and IAT sensor).

Engine Mechanical

11) Disconnect the starter motor lead wire (6) and engine ground lead wire (7).

Engine Mechanical

12) Disconnect the generator coupler (8), CKP sensor coupler (9) and HO2 sensor coupler (10).

Engine Mechanical

13) Remove the speed sensor coupler (11).

Engine Mechanical

14) Loosen the muffler connecting bolt (12) and remove the exhaust pipe bolts (13).

Engine Mechanical

15) Remove the exhaust pipe/muffler by removing the muffler mounting bolts.

16) Remove the exhaust pipe gasket.

Engine Mechanical

17) Remove the brake hose clamps and rear brake caliper from the swingarm.

Engine Mechanical

18) Remove the rear axle nut (14) and collar (15).

19) Remove the swingarm (16).

Engine Mechanical

20) Remove the collar (17) and rear wheel.

Engine Mechanical

21) Support the engine using an engine jack.

Engine Mechanical

22) Remove the cushion rod bolt/nut (18) and engine mounting bolt/nut (19).

23) Remove the engine from the frame.

Engine Mechanical


Install the engine in the reverse order of removal. Pay attention to the following points:

Engine Mechanical

  1. Crankcase
  2. Collar
  3. Engine mounting bolt
  4. Engine mounting nut

Symbolsa : 93 N*m (9.3 kgf-m, 67.0 lb-ft)

Symbols : Apply grease.

Engine Mechanical

Engine Mechanical

Crankcase bracket Removal and Installation

Refer to "Crankcase Bracket Removal and Installation".

Crankcase bracket Inspection

Refer to "Crankcase Bracket Related Parts Inspection".

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