Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Engine (YP125R)

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 Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Periodic maintenance

Introduction This chapter includes all information necessary to perform recommended checks and adjustments. If followed, these preventive maintenance procedures will ensure more reliable vehicle operation, a longer service life and reduce the need for costly overhaul work. This information applies to vehicles already in service as well as to new vehicles that are being prepared for sale. All service technicians should be familiar with this entire chapter.

 Yamaha XMAX YP125R - Service manual > Adjusting the valve clearance

The following procedure applies to all of the valves. TIP Valve clearance adjustment should be made on a cold engine, at room temperature. When the valve clearance is to be measured or adjusted, the piston must be at top dead center (TDC) on the compression stroke.

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