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MIU injection system

This vehicle is fitted with an integrated injection and ignition system.

Injection is indirect in the manifold through an electro-injector.

The injection and ignition are timed on the four-stroke cycle by means of a tone wheel keyed on to the crankshaft (24-2 teeth) and pick-up sensor.

Combustion and ignition are managed on the basis of engine revs and throttle valve opening. Further corrections are made according to the following parameters:

The system implements cold engine idle fuel/air mixture correction with a stepper motor on a by-pass circuit of the throttle valve. The control unit manages the Stepper motor and the injector opening time, thereby ensuring the idle steadiness and the proper combustion.

In all conditions of use, mixture preparation is managed by modifying the injector opening time.

The fuel pressure is kept constant in relation to ambient pressure.

The fuel system circuit consists of:

The pump, the filter and the regulator are placed inside the fuel tank on a single support.

The injector is connected by a pipe with fast-release fittings. The pressure regulator is located at the beginning of the circuit.

The fuel pump is controlled by the MIU control unit; this ensures safety of the vehicle.

The ignition circuit consists of:

The MIU control unit manages ignition with the best advance ensuring four-stroke timing (ignition only in the compression phase) at the same time.

The MIU injection-ignition system controls engine functions by means of a pre-set program.

Should any input signals fail, an acceptable working order of the engine is ensured to allow the user to reach a service station.

Of course, this cannot happen when the rpm-timing signal is missing, or when the failure involves the control circuits:

The control unit is provided with a self-diagnosis system connected to an indicator light in the instrument panel.


Failures are detected and restored by the diagnostic tester.

In any case, when the fault is no longer present, the data storage is automatically cleared after 16 cycles of use (cold start, running at regular engine temperature, stop).

The diagnostic tester is also required to adjust the idle mixture.

Specific tooling
  020922Y Diagnosis Tool

The MIU injection-ignition system carries out checks on the rpm indicator and the electric fan for radiator cooling.

The MIU control unit has a decoder for the antitheft immobilizer system.

The MIU control unit is connected to a diagnostic LED on the instrument panel, that also carries out the deterrent flashing functions.

The MIU control unit power supply is furthermore controlled by the emergency switch; to allow further safety of the vehicle.


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Removal Remove the transmission cover and the complete drive pulley beforehand Install the base of the appropriate tool on the oil seal using the screws provided.

 Vespa GTS Super 300 ie - Service manual > Precautions

1. Before fixing any part of the injection system, check to see if there are any registered faults. Do not disconnect the battery before checking for faults. 2. The fuel system is pressurised at 250 kPa (2.5 BAR). Before disconnecting the fast-release fitting of the fuel supply pipe, check that there are no naked flames. Do not smoke. Act with caution to avoid spraying fuel to your eyes.

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