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Precautions for Maintenance

The "Periodic Maintenance Schedule Chart" lists the recommended intervals for all the required periodic service work necessary to keep the motorcycle operating at peak performance and economy. Maintenance intervals are expressed in terms of kilometers, miles and months for your convenience.

NOTE More frequent servicing may be required on motorcycles that are used under severe conditions.

General Description

Recommended Fluids and Lubricants

Refer to "Fuel / Oil / Engine Coolant Recommendation".

Scheduled Maintenance

Periodic Maintenance Schedule Chart

Maintenance and Lubrication


I = Inspect and clean, adjust, replace or lubricate as necessary.
R = Replace.
T = Tighten.

Lubrication Points

Proper lubrication is important for smooth operation and long life of each working part of the motorcycle.

Major lubrication points are indicated below.


Maintenance and Lubrication

  1. Rear brake lever holder
  2. Side-stand pivot and spring hooks
  3. Center stand pivot and spring hooks
  4. Front brake lever holder
  5. Throttle cables

Symbols : Apply grease.

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