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Precautions for Suspension

Refer to "General Precautions".


All suspensions, bolts and nuts are an important part in that it could affect the performance of vital parts. They must be tightened to the specified torque periodically and if the suspension effect is lost, replace it with a new one.


Never attempt to heat, quench or straighten any suspension part. Replace it with a new one, or damage to the part may result.

Suspension General Diagnosis

Diagnostic Information and Procedures

Suspension and Wheel Symptom Diagnosis

Suspension General Diagnosis

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Inspect the exhaust pipe connection and muffler connection for exhaust gas leakage and mounting condition. If any defect is found, replace the exhaust pipe or muffler with a new one. Check the exhaust pipe bolts, exhaust pipe connecting bolt and muffler mounting bolts are tightened to their specified torque.

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